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Level-up: how to use our brush set

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Level-up: how to use our brush set

Our brush set comes with eight useful brushes to keep that home espresso machine running like a dream. To get the most out of your brush set, it's important to know what each brush is for and how to use them.

There are three types of brushes in the set:

Wooden grinder brushes (x2)

Plastic group head brush and scoop combo (x1)

Nylon bristle steam wand brushes (x5)

1. Wooden Grinder Brushes

These brushes are for cleaning the messy coffee grounds from the counter, machine, and the coffee grinder (if you freshly grind your beans yourself). There's a straight brush and an angled one for hard to reach areas.

  • Brush down the grinder from top to bottom, including the blades in a circular motion

  • Sweep grinds into a pile

  • Wipe into a knock-box or bin

2. Plastic Group Head Brush

This brush is for cleaning the group head and group handle. It has a replaceable head and a scoop on one end for cleaning powder.

  • Place one scoop of cleaning powder in a 'blind filter' in your group handle, lock in and run water through four times. Remove handle to flush for five seconds and repeat the process without detergent.

  • Remove the group handle and run water through group head, while scrubbing the filter and seals with the bristled brush.

3. Nylon Bristle Steam Wand Brushes

These brushes are for removing build-up from your steam wand. There are five sizes for the wand head and arm.

  • Remove the steam wand head and use one of the smaller brushes to push through each nozzle hole until they are clear.

  • Use a larger brush to push upwards into the steam arm

  • Put the steam wand back together and run steam through for five seconds.

See below for more instructive visuals or get in contact if you have any other questions.

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